LCL-Matrix Filter

LCL Matrix Filtre

LCL filters have been specially designed to eliminate the harmonics from the current absorbed by 6-pulse power converters, such as frequency variators for motors, UPS, etc. These are essentially passive filters based on a series-parallel combination of inductances and capacitors, adapted to filter the input of power converters. Contrary to compensation purpose used filters, it connects to system serially. By means of LCL filters instant cuts (<10ms) between voltage and current waveform are eleminated, life span of device prolongs, energy quality increases, PF rate increases. LCL serail filters engages to reduce to harmonic value under %10.

As it is depicted below system being analysed before and after LCL filter used. Before LCL filter values are at  % 46 of total current harmonic values drop under %9's. For your system also its necessery to use LCL matrix serial filter in order to filter effective harmonics 5. , 7. and drop them under %10




LCL FilterLCL Matrix Harmonic Filter