Harmonic Filter

Non linear loads such as: rectifiers, inverters, speed drivers, ovens, etc, absorb non senoidal, periodical currents. These currents are formed by a fundamental frequency component of 50 or 60 Hz, plus a series of super imposed currents in multiples of the fundamental frequency which are called harmonics. The result is a deformation of voltage and current which brings about a series of secondary associated effects. Harmonics on feeding system and devices causes following problems;

- due to over load compensation capacitors damage in short term, resonance in the bank
- boasting neutral current
- heating of transformers, increasing of system load
- undetermined switch and protection equipments faults
- noises in communication systems
- board damages in electronic devices
- unexpected shut-downs and fault codes occuring may be specified.

In order to protect system from all these problems measurement and analaysing must be performed in your system.System must be entirely considered and suitable solution must be provided. These solutions can be rated as;

-Passive harmonic filter application
-Active harmonic filter application
-Take several measures on harmonic source

Harmonic FilterHarmonic Filter

Muda Energy Harmonic Filter Technical Specifications :

Operating Voltage  230V.....1000V
Operating Frequency 50Hz - 60Hz
Operating Power 5-2500kVAr
Capacitor Type Heavy duty capacitor
Reactor Will be project for load
Switching Type Contactors / Thyristor
Protection Fuses NH 00
Harmonic Filter Relay LCD screen smart type
Ambient Conditions -25C / +55C
IP Class IP21
Work Type Indoor / Outdoor
Standarts IEC 60831, IEC 60439, EN 60831, EN 60439