High Voltage Capacitor Bank

HV CompensationReactive power compensation is necessary for eleminating overload and  reduce system load on transformers and eleminating voltage drop by stepping- up voltage at transmission lines, reducing energy lost, reducing energy costs, controlling entirely power at system. Same conditions are valid for high voltage system . Hydro power plants, wind turbines,big power consumers make compensation at their sub station, beside them compensation is made at main point in order to use main power transformer capacity the most effective way.

At high voltage feeded consumption lines which include HV and LV step-down transformer, compensation is performed at LV side. Compensation which is performed at LV side is both more economic and more sensitive.

Muda vigh voltage capacitors are used to build fixed and automatic MV capacitor banks. We will vary the number of capacitors in parallel and/or in series, depending on the power and voltage levels required. Its stainless steel box means that the capacitor is versatile and can be used in indoor and outdoor applications.

Muda energy present (SVC) compensation system solutions according to system conditions automatic or constant compensation system between 2-10 kv, automatic systems for 10kv and higher consumer capacities especially for steel manufacturers static VAR compensation system.

OG-YG kompanzasyonHV Compensation - HV PF Correction