Capacitor Bank (Power Factor Correction)

kompanzasyon panosu

In industrial facilities compensation panels are used  for reducing reactive power and not pay reactive power consumption (punishment) price rather than energy quality. In all industrial facilities harmonic filter selection or compensation panel selection must be performed by considering of load type and line measurement.

When you use Muda Energy compensation panel, reactive power is mostly reduced in electric system. So ;

-Energy carriage capacity increases

-Energy transmission line equipments dimensions are reduced

-Voltage drop will be prevented

-By selecting quite big switches and disconnectors installed in facility transmission system becames much more efficient. As a result of this reactive power is eleminated or reduced at source point.

Muda Energy Capacitor Bank Technical Specifications :

Operating Voltage  230V.....1000V
Operating Frequency 50Hz - 60Hz
Operating Power 5-2500kVAr
Capacitor Type MKP Type with N2
Maximum Over Voltage Un x 1.1 (8 hour/day)
Maximum Overload In x 1.3
Fast Discharge Resistors Yes
Protection Fuses NH 00
Compensation Relay LCD screen smart type
Ambient Conditions -25C / +55C
IP Class IP21
Work Type Indoor / Outdoor
Standarts IEC 60831, IEC 60439, EN 60831, EN 60439