Electric Quality Measurement

Harmonic MeasurementElectric energy quality must be periodicly measured, analysed and evaluated. Place of constant energy quality analysers and accumulating datas in a PC is a great advantage for bigger industrial facities. Energy quality can be measured via portable and stable devices as well. As stable device consistently makes system record, it provides consistently energy quality monitoring.

On measuring with stable and portable device we present solutions concerning to instant voltage drop, increasing of cuttings, over and low voltage, harmonics, current and voltage wave forms, frequency transition, unbalance etc. . Please contact us for measurement, evaluating and system solutions.
Measurement with portable device is adequate for cyclic measurement and new compensation system installation.Measuring with this device respectively phase measurement and three phase(p-p) measurements can be obtained individually as graph or digital modes and it is possible to reach following parameters below,
- Voltage values
- Current values
- Voltage deformation (instant voltage drop and increase)
- Frequency transition
- Current and voltage wave form transition
- Inductive reactive power (QI)
- Capacitive reactive power (QC)
- Apparent power (S)
- Power factor (PF)
- Total voltage harmonic distortion value (THDU)
- Total voltage CURRENT distortion value (THDI)
- Respectively voltage harmonic (3, 5, 7.....50)
- Respectively current harmonic (3, 5, 7.....50)

It is crucial to perform measurement at right point, under right conditions and interpret it decently.  

Harmonic Current Voltage MeasurementHarmonic Current Voltage Measurement