Electric Energy Monitoring - Scada

electric-energy-scadaBy means of our energy monitoring and control system software; voltage,  frequency, active power, reactive power etc. many parameters can be monitored from single center, recorded, by determining
tarrifs invoice can be obtained via just a click, archieved energy records can be reported.

In scada system data stream (balanced or unbalanced) is supplied via an analyser which measures, calculates and shows basic parameters. Single or several analyser can be attributed to a PC or PLC
Beside normal using of each device , by using this system acquired data can be centered in single point with scada system. Network analyser transfers data via modbus protocol.

In energy monitoring and controll system which will be installed energy analyser can be installed every each point. Via communication ports on energy analysers all devices can be connected a center PC.

Through center PC energy monitoring, checking archieved data records and reports can be archieved.

electric energy scadaelectric energy scada